Young entrepreneurs from Izwe’elitsha Pillows.

Environmental Sustainability, Economic Development, and Corporate Responsibility

Continuing with the theme from the last post on responsible branding, this week’s post looks at the responsibility and challenges of sustainability – both environmental and economic.


As a responsible member of the community, Quickshade is dedicated to being part of a sustainable South African economy. We recognise the role we – and all South Africans – have to play in bringing about the social, environmental and economic conditions required to achieve this in our communities. 


As such, Quickshade is committed to sustainable quality ­- reducing the environmental impacts of our activities, without compromising the quality of our products. In addition, we have also partnered with entrepreneurs from communities in Joe Slovo, Khayelitsha, and beyond, in an effort to marry environmental sustainability with economic development.


The dye-sub printing process uses a significant amount of paper, all of which is salvaged and recycled by a local company. In addition, all waste plastic and scrap aluminium are collected by local entrepreneurs, who then take it for recycling. While it would be possible to recycle these ourselves, we prefer to support local enterprises and contribute further to employment in the area.

The dye-sub process also results in large amounts of scrap fabric. Our fabric waste is collected and given to a group of young entrepreneurs from Khayelitsha, called Izwe’elitsha Pillows, who make scatter cushions and pillows to sell. Any fabric that does not go to Izwe’elitsha Pillows is collected by E’yako Green, who make eco-friendly corporate gifts and clothing. In addition, Quickshade often donates scrap and off-cut fabric for use on tables, ottomans, chairs and benches in local creches.

Through the above-mentioned methods, Quickshade strives to eliminate all waste from our production process, while contributing to employment in our local communities.