Branding-Responsibly: Becoming Relevant Beyond Simply Promotion

A major challenge facing the branding industry in Southern Africa is how to make oneself relevant above and beyond advertising. In other words, how can a company move beyond simply branding for promotional purposes? One way to achieve this is by providing products and services that satisfy needs beyond promotion.


An example would be Quickshade’s mobile medical booths, which are specifically designed for remote medical testing and services. These booths have helped revolutionise remote medical services, and are allowing NGOs, UN agencies, international aid agencies, as well as government entities, to increase their reach to the most vulnerable communities – usually in remote rural areas.


Quickshade was one of the first to develop the mobile medical booth back in 2011, and has perfected the design over the last 6 years, based on feedback from our end-users. Our clients’ – and their donors’ – primary concerns include the ease of transporting units to remote areas, as well as the durability and cost of units. With this in mind, our booths are retractable and are packed into a convenient bag allowing very easy transportation and storage. In addition, the units are designed to be as economical as possible, without compromising on quality.


The medical booths are made from water-resistant 240gsm heavy duty material – which is durable, hard-wearing – and consists of a canopy and 4 walls fitted to a retractable frame. One wall has a zip-door, one wall is completely closed, while the other 2 have windows. As such, the design of the medical booths maximises privacy for the medical practitioner and their patient. Windows are covered in gauze to allow for airflow, while preventing dirt, debris, and insects entering. The windows can be closed by rolling down a canvass flap to the desired level, allowing the user to how open each window is.


The testing booths also provide prominant branding-space for donors, ensuring that their contributons and projects are made visible and generate exposure. This is important when reporting back to donors, documenting how thieer funding was spent.


We have supplied testing booths to the following organisations: Society for Family Health; Populations Services International; Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention Studies; Broad Reach Healthcare, Anova Health Institute, Love Life, She Conquers, Breast Cancer Awareness, Lesotho defence Force; Moyo, and Hospice Palliative Care Association.


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